Tyler, The Creator’s Recently Unearthed Myspace Demos From 2008 Prove He’s Always Been Twisted

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Everything on the internet is forever, including the demos you threw up before you became a superstar. Tyler, The Creator’s learning that today, as his MySpace demos from 2008 have been discovered by a snoop over on r/hiphopheads. While the demos aren’t as polished or thought-out as his work on Bastard that would make him a cult star, the pieces of Tyler’s murderous gross-out schtick are evident.

Under the name I Smell Panties, Tyler crafted six songs — well, five songs and a skit wherein cartoon characters Lilo and Stitch have sex with each other. While they aren’t necessarily good, they are interesting, especially when you hold them up to his work in the near future and see the leaps that the producer/rapper/Odd Future figurehead made in such a short amount of time.

Check out all six tracks below.

“Hi to Me”

“Bapes Freestyle”

“Bring the Hi Hat In”


“Lilo F*cks Stitch”


What we’re hearing is the sound of a kid taking a risk. Tyler was putting these vile tracks out in a world where his lane didn’t yet exist. And just because Tyler got famous, that doesn’t mean he’s not still trying new things. Take, for example, his recent Golf Wang clothing line .