Vanessa Bayer’s ‘Sound Advice’ Is Even Better When She’s Interviewing NOFX

Media coach Janessa Slater was already arguably better than any characters that Vanessa Bayer has given us on Saturday Night Live (except Jacob, because he is awesome), as she has tried to school some of today’s biggest music stars, including Drake, Fun. and The Wanted, on how to cater to wider audiences. But what she really needed to push her Above Average web series Sound Advice to another level was a band that actually doesn’t give a sh*t about its image at all and would probably make a real media coach cry and beg for mercy and/or therapy.

That band arrived today in the form of NOFX, as Fat Mike, Melvin, El Jefe and Smelly sat down with Janessa Slater to figure out a way to make the typically unappealing punk legends more appealing to mainstream music fans. Come for the awkwardness, stay for the offensive odors.