‘Variety’ Claims Rock ‘N’ Roll Was Invented By Elvis And Twitter Reacts With #VarietyHeadlines

On July 4th, Variety dropped a tweet that would resonate on Twitter with anyone who had even a bit of knowledge about rock and or roll. Variety totally disregarded that you can take the origins of “rock ‘n’ roll” back to the 1920’s with Trixie Smith and the more well-known Chuck Berry, who was covered so effortlessly in Back To The Future, to claim that Elvis created rock n’ roll:

OK, well opinions vary on the topic and you’re entitled to that opinion, Variety. But then the #VarietyHeadlines was created and users decided to have a little fun:

And then it went full bore and called out the elephant in the room:

I think it’s safe to say that one must look into things a little bit more before just doling out credit to someone. You can trace back the creation of rock ‘n’ roll to the early 1800’s and still get crap for it.

(Twitter Via Complex)