Wale’s ‘More About Nothing’ Mixtape Is Coming To Streaming Services Thanks To Help From Jerry Seinfeld

A year before he released his first album with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, Wale gave fans one of their favorite projects from him with his sixth mixtape, More About Nothing. The project is a highlight release from the blog era and it’s one that arrived two years after Wale’s fourth mixtape The Mixtape About Nothing. Comprised of 21 songs, the project is inspired by Seinfield, one of Wale’s favorite shows, and each song follows the naming format for the show itself by starting each title with the word “The.” More About Nothing is also laced with audio clips from various episodes of Seinfield.

Nearly twelve years after the project was released, Wale announced today that More About Nothing is coming to streaming services. He revealed that Jerry Seinfield, whom he has a close relationship with, had a big hand in helping to get the mixtape on DSPs. “Thank Jerry Seinfeld,” Wale wrote in a tweet. “That guy made all the calls to clear so much stuff ..#moreaboutnothing is otw.”

Wale also shared the news in a video that showed some moments he and Jerry shared together over the years. At the end of the video, the date “4.29.22” appeared on the screen, signaling that More About Nothing could arrive on streaming services next week.

You can view Wale’s posts about More About Nothing above.

Wale is a Warner Music artist. .