Wale Is Going To Be In Michael Bay’s ‘Ambulance’ Movie And He’s Hyped

Come April 8, blockbuster director Michael Bay’s latest movie, Ambulance, will be in theaters. The film stars Jake Gyllenhall, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Eiza González, and the pride of the Washington D.C. rap scene, Wale. While we don’t know the full extent of his role, Wale (billed as Wale Folarin, for the IMDB heads out there) plays a character named Castro He just posted a couple of photos from the set to his Instagram Story with captions that said “Introducing ‘Castro'” and “Castro is coming,” referencing his character in the flick.

In the photo, Wale is posing in front of an ambulance, which given what we’ve come to expect from Michael Bay films, has a very good chance of getting exploded at some point. Watching the trailer, the film looks to be part Fast And The Furious-style heist and part ’90s action thriller, a la Speed.

Wale spoke to XXL last year about making the move into acting and working on Ambulance specifically: “It’s like learning to ride a bike and the next day, they put you in the Daytona 500…” he said. “I’m just really, really, really blessed to be able to work with Yaya and Jake Gyllenhaal. I never had no freak-out moments because these actors, they know how to talk to n****s. Michael would spazz on everybody and my energy’s off and Yaya would give me this look like, ‘You got it, bro! Come on, n****!’ Everybody was so f*cking nice.”

Ambulance is in theaters on 04/08.