‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Is Back With The Star-Studded New Video For ‘Tacky’

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As he’s been teasing for the last month, “Weird Al” Yankovic has a new album, “Mandatory Fun,” coming out tomorrow, and this one is coming to us with a bang. Starting today, Al is posting eight new music videos from the new album to his YouTube page, which means that including today’s debut, “Tacky,” a parody of “Happy,” there will be seven more videos released each morning over the next seven days. Why the sudden burst of the music business’s greatest parody mind for what seems like just another studio album? Well, it’s probably his last.

As Al told NPR in an interview this weekend, he wanted to “really do what is ostensibly my last album with a big splash.” The good news is that he just means that he’s done with studio albums, and he’ll be continuing to spread parody joy with digital material. Either way, it worked, because I’m watching the video for “Tacky” today, feeling like I did when I watched “Eat it” for the first time.

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