Well Done, Internet: Pitbull Is Headed To A Walmart In The Frozen Wilds Of Alaska

Remember that campaign to exile Pitbull to a Walmart in the Alaskan wilderness? Well, it worked!

Yes, thanks largely to the efforts of David Thorpe, the Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska piled up the most Facebook “likes” for the contest. Now Pitbull wants to take Thorpe along for the journey.

Report’s Buzzfeed’s Katie Notopoulos:

I spoke with Thorpe over Twitter DM to see if he was up for an Arrtic adventure (see what I did there? Arrtic? lmao, right?). Thrope revealed that details of a free trip to Alaska with Pitbull haven’t been finalized, but he’s been exchanging emails with Walmart and contest co-sponsor Energy Sheets. Says Thorpe, “I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska. I’m glad I’l get to do it under the strangest imaginable circumstances.”

Careful there, David. Don’t go ice fishing with Pitbull while you’re up there, okay. Just don’t do it.