Stream Welles’ Gritty Psych-Rock Debut EP ‘Codeine’

We brought you the first-ever single from Nashville-via-Ozark, Arkansas rocker Jehsea Wells all the way back in January. Now, we’re proud to say that the throwback rocker has built on the promise of “Are You Feeling Like Me?” with his debut EP under the name Welles. Along with that track Welles offers four more songs to showcase his self-described “burnt toast” vocals and his inborn understanding of small-town ennui.

Codeine is twang and psychedelia run together in a concrete mixer. Its five tracks sound like getting drunk on the edge of a gravel pit and the simple arrangements belie that same sense of making due with whatever is available to you.

“I write from honest places,” Wells said about his work when we spoke to him earlier this year. “I’m so captured in the moment of watching yourself aging. That horrifies me and that compels me to write some scary shit… Reality, at times is pretty sour. There’s no sense in making something just for darkness’ sake. I like everything to have a curve on it.”

That dark and gritty honesty is all over this debut release. Give it a listen up top and catch Welles live when he hits the road this summer.

06/02 — New York, NY @ Knitting Factory
06/03 — New York, NY @ Governors Ball
06/08 — Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo
06/21 — Davenport, IA @ The Raccoon
06/22 — Yorkville, IL @ The Law Office Pub and Music Hall
07/07 — Indianapolis, IN @ HiFi

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