What Does Barack Obama’s Inauguration Playlist Say About Him?

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01.18.13 8 Comments

We know President Barack Obama is a big fan of Led Zeppelin, Al Green, and something called Inspire the Fire, so…two out of three ain’t bad? I wonder what he thinks of Meat Loaf? On Thursday, Obama revealed his inauguration playlist on Spotify to the world, and please take back that “two out of three” comment, though keep the Meat Loaf question. This man, our elected leader, has the musical taste of a 14-year-old girl.

Let’s take a look at his playlist, and figure out what each of its 17 songs says about Obama as a person.

1. “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” – Stevie Wonder

“Here I am, signed, sealed delivered, I’m yours, oh I’m yours.” He’s one cocky son of a bitch.

2. “I Was Here” – Beyonce

He shares an iTunes with Michelle.

3. “Mi Gente” – Marc Anthony

He gets as much of a kick out of putting foreign language songs into Google Translate as we do.

4. “Carry On” – Fun.

He’s a HUGE Girls fan.

5. New Day – Alicia Keys

He’s unaware of mixed messages, even at his own party. “The world’s they getting ready, everybody ready, yeah/For a new day, for a new day.” A new day from what? His own first-term presidency?

6. Mud On the Tires – Brad Paisley

He likes everything, INCLUDING country…

7. “Turn Up the Love” – Far East Movement ft. Cover Drive

…and rap!

8. Edge of Glory – Glee Cast

He’s either an overweight teen or gay, or both.

9. Your Smiling Face – James Taylor

He’s not just for the youngsters anymore; Obama looks out for the picnic concert crowd.

10. Ordinary People – John Legend

He’s hoping no one takes the “crash and burn” line too literally.

11. Firework – Katy Perry

He’s boobs > butts

12. Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson

He’s still pissed Justin Guarini didn’t win season one of American Idol, but is getting over it.

13. “My Mic” – Nick Cannon ft. Biz Markie

He’s already looking ahead to our future president (and second-in-command Markie, who’s just a VP).

14. “Something Special” – Usher

He’s black?

15. “Higher and Higher” – Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago

He’s black.

16. “Get Ready” – Smokey Robinson

He’s ready, and most definitely made love to Michelle in the Diplomatic Reception Room to this song.

17. Future – Mindless Behavior

He, again, has a terrible taste in music.

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