What Has Chloe Said About Her New Album, ‘In Pieces?’

It’s official, Chloe Bailey has announced she will be releasing her debut album. Bailey, one half of the musical duo Chloe x Halle, with her sister Halle, is finally ready to step out on her own. The Parkwood singer’s upcoming project will be available soon. The “Mercy” singer dropped a teaser trailer on social media on Tuesday ahead of the forthcoming project’s release. The project, titled, In Pieces, will be released in March 2023.

The album was originally self-titled, but it seems the 24-year-old singer went in a different direction. In an interview with Uproxx, Chloe pointed out that her new music will be different from her past work with Chloe x Halle and that she, as a solo artist is entirely different.

“I think just the body of work,” she said. “I’m a brand new artist, and I haven’t had a body of work out [yet], so it’ll be the first thing people hear from me, really. So I think that’ll be surprising in itself.”

Vibe reports that, during a Q & A with fans online, the “Treat Me” singer shared that her music, like her influences, is a myriad of different genres. She noted this project would have influences from artists like Ye, Imogen Heap, Donna Summer, and more.

While creating the album, Chloe said that she learned to love herself on a deeper level and wants her fans to do the same. However, she noted the most important thing she learned is to”trust her gut,” and that timing is eveI’veing.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned has been to trust my gut and to trust the timing, ” she told Complex.