What Maroon 5 Did For A Young Fan With Down Syndrome Makes Up For ‘Moves like Jagger’

Say what you will about Adam Levine (and there’s a lot, most of it not positive), what he and the rest of his bandmates did for a young fan with Down Syndrome is pretty darn great. Ten-year-old Christopher Warner had never seen his favorite group, Maroon 5, so his teachers asked him if he wanted to make a video showing his love for them. He agreed, and the YouTube clip was sent to a local Washington D.C. affiliate and radio station. Here it is.

Shortly thereafter, not only did Warner get to see Maroon 5 at the Verizon Center, thanks to The Kane Show, he also got to meet them. The excitement of meeting his pop music idols was momentarily too much for Warner, though, and he “had a bit of a panic attack,” according to Fox 5. That’s when Levine and crew got down on the floor with Warner and posed for photos with him.

You’re OK, Maroon 5. This makes up for “Moves Like Jagger.” Almost.

Via My Fox 5