When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out For 2023?

As 2023 comes to an end, many music fans are looking forward to a recap of their favorite albums and songs. This year boasted many exciting releases. With streaming, music lovers are in the era of the ever-promising algorithm, and therefore can’t wait to see a visual representation of their listening habits, as well as an individualized playlist.

As we are in November, Spotify Wrapped is imminent, and we’ve put together a nifty little guide on what to expect from this year’s Wrapped.

When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out For 2023?

There’s never an official date for when Spotify Wrapped drops. But historically, Spotify users have received their individual Wrapped summaries near the end of November or the beginning of September. The 2022 Wrapped arrived to users’ Spotify app on November 30 last year, and on December 1 in 2021 and 2020.

When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking For 2023?

In the past, Spotify has been reported to track each user’s listening habits beginning January 1 of each year, and to end tracking after October 31. However, Spotify recently tweeted that Wrapped will include date from after October 31 of this year. Though, it is unclear when Spotify will stop tracking.

How To See Your Spotify Wrapped

Spotify users can see their Wrapped simply by opening the app on their phone or on their computer. A pop-up will appear on-screen, which will allow them to click and direct themselves to their Wrapped. They can also visit the URL spotify.com/wrapped.

How Long Is Spotify Wrapped Available?

There’s no official date when Spotify users are no longer able to view their Spotify Wrapped. However, according to Spotify users on the Spotify community message boards, Wrappeds are usually available to view until early January.