White Kids Cover Lil’ Jon And The Eastside Boyz From A Dorm Room, Harmonize ‘Sweat Drop Down My Balls’

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11.03.11 4 Comments

So this dorm room cover of “Get Low” went viral pretty quickly. It’s all a little too self-conscious and self-satisfied for my liking, and they didn’t even attempt to cover something timely or put any parody stank on it, but there’s something about a coed harmonizing “sweat drop down my balls” that makes this difficult to dislike completely.

Since I live in Atlanta and am well aware that Lil’ Jon is a master of revenue streams my theory is he commissioned this in attempt to fill the Four Loko void with Crunk Juice cocktails on college campuses. Call it a hunch.

NSFW audio. The dude-to-female ratio really brings back some collegiate memories. Hey, Creepy Creepersons on the bunk, Lil’ Jon says lingering stares like that are why your dorm has a deadbolt.

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