Why Is Kanye West’s Documentary Called ‘Jeen-Yuhs?’

Last fall, the entertainment world received the first preview of Jeen-Yuhs, the upcoming Netflix documentary that looks back on Kanye West’s near-20 year music career. It was a brief video of him and Mos Def rapping to their 2004 collaboration, “Two Words,” from the former’s debut album College Dropout. Since then, we’ve received two trailers from Jeen-Yuhs, which was made a reality thanks to directors Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah (aka Coodie And Chike). The film is comprised of three parts and the first one will be available to watch on Netflix next week on February 16.

Why Is Kanye West’s Documentary Called ‘Jeen-Yuhs?’

Jeen-Yuhs is the phonetic spelling of the word “genius,” and that’s an adjective that’s often been used to describe Kanye West. Whether it be his vision in music through production, crafting full bodies of work, or spotting the next great talent, he’s earned that title in the realm. However, he’s also earned it in the fashion world through the work in his Yeezy brand whether it was during its time with Nike or now as a partner with Adidas. All in all, Jeen-Yuhs examines Kanye’s career from past to present and highlights the many ways he was ahead of his time, thus making him a genius — or a Jeen-Yuhs — that took people some time to realize.

You can watch the latest trailer for Jeen-Yuhs below and stay tuned for its release on Netflix on February 16.