Will Ferrell And Chad Smith Are Setting Their Sights On Lars Ulrich For Their Next Drum Battle

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Lars Ulrich of the American heavy metal

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It’s safe to say that we’re barely over the last drum battle between Will Ferrell and Chad Smith. It raised a lot of money for charity, brought out a lot of laughter for everyone, and was entertaining most of all. The problem is that they don’t seem to be done yet.

In an interview with Spin, Ferrell and Smith throw down the challenge to Metallica’s Lars Ulrich for another drum battle. From Rolling Stone:

“Lars gets pissed because he gets mistaken for both me and Chad Smith,” Ferrell told Spin recently. “He can settle that score now, too.” Smith added, “There it is. The gauntlet is down.”The prickly pair brought up Ulrich, whom Ferrell said looked “eerily similar” to the two of them, sometime after their bout. They said that the Metallica cofounder was still unaware of their plans to drum against him competitively. But regardless of Ulrich’s involvement, Ferrell had previously told Rolling Stone that his rivalry with Smith is one “that will go on until the end of time.”

Who knows if that is going to happen. Metallica is certainly in a more charitable mood these days, but I don’t think Ulrich really lends himself to a drum battle. He sort of just pounds and goes at it. Call up Vinny Apice or Nicko McBrain. It might not get the clicks or headlines, but it’ll be something to see.

Apart from Ulrich, the two friendly enemies took aim at EDM and even Weezer drummer Pat Wilson and his awesome frisbee catch.

Their opinion on that feat was also skeptical. “Frisbees? I’ve seen Will catch ninja stars,” Smith said.

“I once caught a marlin while I was drumming,” Ferrell said. “We once had a drum-off on the deck of a boat. And I snagged a marlin right out of the air.” (via)

There is a drum off right there. Make that one happen and I’ll tune in immediately (not that I wouldn’t tune in otherwise, I’d just be willing that time).

(Via Rolling Stone)

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