Will Miguel Release New Music Soon?

It’s been five years since Miguel released a full-length album. His last album, War & Leisure boasted tracks like the Travis Scott-assisted “Sky Walker” and “Come Through And Chill,” which features his longtime collaborator J. Cole. After a long hiatus, fans seem to believe new music from Miguel is on the way.

Will Miguel release new music soon?

Last week, Miguel shared a snippet of a new song on Twitter.

Though he didn’t hint at any song or album titles, fans were able to hear lyrics clearly.

“Can you see through these scars of mine / The ones I hide / They’re splitting me / See my truth / See it through the peace in your eyes,” he sings in the snippet.

While we don’t know much about any sort of upcoming project from Miguel, it’s likely that many of his songs may be sadder in nature, as opposed to his signature romantic and sexually charged sounds.

Back in October, Miguel’s wife, Nazanin Mandi filed for divorce from the R&B star after 17 years together.

But perhaps we may get even more vulnerable lyrics from Miguel in his next project. Over the past year, he’s been advocating in the mental health space with organizations like Better Together, designed to give artists a platform to speak openly about mental health.

“It’s been a real pleasure,” he said in an interview with NME. “And really helpful in my own personal growth to speak about my experience… To be able to share the things that have helped me, to share that I’ve experienced it alone, I think is really cathartic. When things are avoided and taboo, to find there are these points of commonality, you realise there are so many people who experience these things who don’t really often talk about it.”