Miguel And J. Cole Look For Late Night Connections In Their ‘Come Through And Chill’ Video

Now that J. Cole’s new album K.O.D. just came out and is the hottest record in the country at the moment, now seems like an appropriate time to revisit “Come Through And Chill,” a track from Miguel’s 2017 album War & Leisure that features Cole. It’s a clear album highlight, and now it’s gotten the music video treatment.

The clip is a pretty literal interpretation of the lyrics: Miguel spends most of the video trying to get some late-night company from a woman. There are multiple women involved, actually, and in this case, the love triangle actually ends up working out favorably for all involved. As for Cole, he pops up during the start of the video, delivering his lines into a pay phone on a stage.

Miguel previously said that collaborating with Cole on the song was an easy choice:

“Cole on this song is such a no-brainer. This is like home. It’s always fun when you find good chemistry, and you find, really good energy with other artists — and on top of that, when you’re able to connect on a human ‘I f-ck with you’ level. It’s a healthy boost of energy. You just get that inspiration, and Cole is one of those people for me.”

Watch the video for “Come Through And Chill” above.