Miguel And Travis Scott Brought Heavy Vibes And Crazy Energy To Their Late Night ‘Sky Walker’ Performance

Miguel is one of the most exciting young performers on the planet. Travis Scott is also, one of the most exciting young performers on the planet. Put them on a stage together and you’ve just created a recipe for something seriously special. That’s exactly what the producers at Jimmy Kimmel Live! must have been banking on Tuesday night anyway, when they booked the two men to appear and put on a performance of their most recent collaboration “Sky Walker” from Miguel’s latest, spectacular album War & Leisure.

Introduced by Tracee Ellis Ross, who was filling in for Kimmel while he’s off the air, taking care of his child who underwent open-heart surgery, Miguel takes center stage from the jump, bringing the glittery single an immense amount of simmering sexuality. Midway through he’s joined by Scott, who ably rips off his guest verse, before the two men feed off each other’s energy through the final chorus.

In an annotation for Genius, Miguel expressed his admiration for Trav, while also tipping his hand to some material that might still be in the vault. “I’m easily amused, but I’m rarely impressed,” he said. “Travis always shows up and impresses me some how. We have a few songs together.”

You can watch Miguel and Travis Scott team up and go HAM over “Sky Walker” in the video above.