Wilsen’s Gorgeous Folk Debut ‘I Go Missing In My Sleep’ Is Full Of Golden Hours

Contributing Writer

Yeah, it’s Friday. So the desire for turn-up music is pretty strong. But maybe give Wilsen’s gorgeous folk debut I Go Missing In My Sleep a listen and consider spending the night in with a book you’ve been meaning to read.

The album was written by the band’s namesake Tamsin Wilson while she hung around her Brooklyn apartment, soaking up the golden hours. And it has that sleepy, delicate vibe. Every song on this album — premiered by the folks over at Stereogum — sounds like it could easily be ruined by a passing car or a construction crew. The fact that they weren’t makes it all the more special.

Much like the tender moments on this album, the band’s live performances are going to be hard to capture. They’re playing a few sets in Quebec and New York, but if you happen to be anywhere around them, do not miss out.

04/26 –- Gatineau, QC @ Minotaure
04/27 –- Quebec City, QC @ Théâtre Petit Champlain
04/28 –- Montréal, QC @ Bar Le Ritz PDB
04/29 –- Sainte-Thérèse, QC @ Église Sainte-Thérèse D’Avila
05/02 –- Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool

I Go Missing In My Sleep is out April 28 on Secret City. Give it a listen and pick up your copy right here.

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