Yep, Ted Nugent Is Still A D*ck

It’s the anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy and most would look at the event as a somber reminder of how fragile life can be. Unless you’re Ted Nugent and you want to use the anniversary to further your NRA backed agenda. From his piece titled “Don’t let those kids die in vain” on WND:

The Sandy Hook massacre was not the first mass shooting in the world, and it won’t be the last. Fortunately, the likelihood that you or your child will be part of such a massacre is extremely remote. Even so, that is no reason not to be prepared. If we fail to be better prepared to stop the next mass murderer, then those precious little 20 children and their six teachers and faculty members at Sandy Hook Elementary died for nothing.

The first lesson we should take away from the Sandy Hook massacre is that the self-inflicted scourge of political correctness has dumbed down America enough to allow the conditions to continue to exist that will facilitate another twisted individual capable of doing the same thing to flounder about our society. In fact, it already happened at the Washington Naval Yard. It is going to happen again. And again.

The only way to stop a madman with a gun is a good guy or two with guns. Nothing else will work.

Now I don’t know if this solution would work or if it’s just compounding an issue. There have been studies to the contrary in the past, but the definitive proof isn’t there, hence the debate. The portion I find deplorable is the proximity to the Newtown anniversary. The entire article is nothing but the same NRA talking points we heard last year and just rings false, especially in the wake of yet another incident Friday.

I’m far from the camp that thinks we shouldn’t talk about gun control in conjunction with the massacre, but I also feel some tact is in order out of respect for the families. I felt the same way last year as people were shouting from both sides hours after the shootings.

Sandy Hook is the perfect example to use for why our views on security and gun control need to change in one way or the other, but the timing just doesn’t sit well with me. Where is talk like this at every other point of the year? It certainly isn’t something we should just talk about in the wake or anniversary of a tragedy.

That said, Ted Nugent is an ass and nowhere near my first choice as mouthpiece for a call. I’d rather have an inanimate carbon rod.

(Lead image via gettyimages)

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