YG Reportedly Refused To Get Out Of His Car When Stopped By The Police Because He Feared Being Harmed

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YG has apparently been paying attention to the news lately. TMZ is reporting that on Wednesday night, the Compton rapper he refused to exit his car when he was pulled over by police in Burbank, California during a traffic stop.

The “YNS” star, who is currently on tour with fellow Compton representative Kendrick Lamar to promote Kendrick’s DAMN. album, was stopped by police due to his tinted windows. When asked for his license and registration, YG responded with a simple “no” and refused to get out of his vehicle when prompted to do so by officers. He stated that he was worried that he was afraid the police would hurt him should he exit.

As they do, police called for backup and after several more patrol cars arrived to the scene, YG relented, advising the officers that he did not have his license on him. He was cited for for having no ID, tinted windows and no license plates.

While YG is probably best known for dropping turn-up anthems like “Pop It, Shake It” and “Why You Always Hatin‘?” featuring Drake and Kamaiyah, he’s been known to address social issues in his music as well. His most recent LP release, Still Brazy featured tracks such as “FDT” and “Police Get Away With Murder,” the latter probably being the main reason for his wariness to comply with officers.