You Are Old: The Sons Of Dr. Dre And Eazy E Are Touring As N.W.A. Resurrected

I believe it was the poet Dr. Dre who once said, “Cause I don’t give a f*ck about radio play, observe the English I display.” That doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, other than to remind you N.W.A. is great, and there’s no need for the sons of the rap group’s members to tour as NWA Resurrected.

Yet here we are.

NWA Resurrected, also known as the Sons of NWA, is a thing that exists. The group consists of DJ Yella (original NWA member), Dre JR (son of Dr Dre), Eazy-E JR (son of Eazy E) and Eazy E JR II (who, I’m guessing, is probably the second son of Eazy E, but I don’t want to assume).

According to the email, they’re looking to tour the UK. The guy says, “they are looking to tour across Europe July & August. Club shows, festivals etc. It’s not cheap naturally but you wouldn’t expect it be, right?” I dunno, I guess I kind of would. (Via)

DJ Yella has lived a semi-charmed life. He was in N.W.A. He directed porn for awhile, including A Girl’s Affair 67. Now he’s in N.W.A. Resurrected (that’s…y). That’s like if Paul McCartney played Beatles songs with Julian Lennon, Zak Starkey, and Dhani Harrison…and directed Cheerleaders Gone Wild 3.

Via Noisey