Young Thug’s Lawyer Brian Steel Was Taken Into Custody After Being Held In Contempt In The YSL RICO Trial

So far, to call the ongoing racketeering trial against Young Thug in Atlanta “a farce” would be doing a disservice to the theatrical form. It’s been nothing short of a circus, but apparently, the ringleader, Judge Ural Glanville, had yet another trick up his sleeve as the clown-show degenerated into a slog.

According to multiple sources via the trial’s livestream, Young Thug’s defense attorney, Brian Steel, was taken into custody today after being held in contempt of court by Glanville after he confronted the judge about an in-chambers ex-parte meeting (meaning all concerned parties were not presen) between Glanville and one of the other defendants, Kenneth “Woody” Copeland, after Woody was previously reticent to cooperate. After the meeting, he agreed to testify.

After refusing to tell Glanville how he learned of said meeting, and stopping just short of accusing him of witness coersion, Steel was removed from the courtroom. His second, Keith Adams, asked for a mistrial, noting that Thug — whose real name is Jeffery Williams — does not want to continue the trial without Steel.

Contempt of Court refers to the willful disobedience of a court order or some other conduct that disrupts or disrespects a court proceeding. A judge may impose sanctions such as fines or jail time on a person found in contempt.