Your Cold, Jaded Heart Is Utterly Defenseless Against The Healing Power Of This Black Keys Video

I’m beginning to think that the Black Keys are trying to send me a message, and that message is this…

Hey Brett. We saw you this morning, scrolling through your iPod as you went out on your daily walk for coffee. We saw that you stopped for a second and contemplated playing some of our music, but then chose to put your iPod on shuffle instead. That’s cool. No, seriously, it’s totally cool. We guess that hilarious video we did a couple of weeks ago with Bob Odenkirk wasn’t good enough for you?

Oh, and we saw you mouthing the words to “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl,” by Wavves. We also saw you bopping your head to some Better Than Ezra song. They were cool…once. We’re surprised you didn’t listen to any Wild Flag or St. Vincent, since you’re seeing them both tonight. Whatever, your choice man. No judgments.

Oh, by the way, we made something for you! Oh, nothing much, just one of the best videos you’ll probably ever see. It’s quite simple, really, it just features a random Clay Davis lookalike dancing like an idiot in a garage (SHEEEEEEEEIT!). He does the Twist, the Sprinkler dance, and some sort of punch-the-sky thing — among other things. So that’s it…enjoy your PB&J lunch, friend.

Excuse me while I go pre-order El Camino now.

(HT: Vulture)