YouTube Comments We Wish Nickelback Would Have Responded To

Nickelback wants to be liked so much, almost to the point where I do. Not their records, of course — the musical equivalent of a Stouffer’s frozen dinner — but as people. Chad Kroeger & Co. seem like perfectly nice guys, which is why they agreed to do a segment with Fuse where they respond to comments left on their YouTube videos. It’s a trailer park jungle (the trees are made of beer cans!) of NICKLLEBCK SUXS vs. 5BACK RULES comments.

Thing is, Fuse only picked “nice” comments. Typical Canadians. Nothing to do with their polarizing popularity or non-existent competition with teenage male pop stars (there’s a surprising amount of Justin Bieber mentions in the comments section). Here are a few comments I wished they had replied.

Hipster fan!

And here’s the actual video: