Jimmy Kimmel Is Predictably Giddy About Sean Hannity Being Revealed As Michael Cohen’s Mystery Client

Entertainment Writer
04.17.18 2 Comments

It hasn’t been too long since Jimmy Kimmel called off his feud with Sean Hannity for the good of the nation. The Fox News host has taken offense to Kimmel’s jokes about Melania Trump and was trying to counter by dragging out the late-night host’s past segments on The Man Show. This didn’t really work, Kimmel put a stop to it, and Hannity invited him on his show for a “discussion” or something along those lines.

But now we know that Hannity is the mystery third client connected to Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, something the Fox News host quickly went on defense about on Twitter, sparking some jokes, and forcing Kimmel to bring up the man on his show once again. And while he didn’t exactly drag Hannity through the mud the way he could, Kimmel was clearly enjoying himself.

He started by bringing up the other client in the matter aside from Donald Trump, Elliott Broidy, but quickly moved on to Hannity and his tweet about the matter after news broke:

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