Jimmy Kimmel Continues His Feud With Sean Hannity: ‘I Think Someone Has A Crush On Me’

04.07.18 1 year ago 14 Comments


Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity are currently in the midst of a war of words on their respective shows and Twitter, with Hannity pulling from Kimmel’s past on Comedy Central and dubbing him “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” as a result of Kimmel’s antics on The Man Show. Hannity spent 20 minutes of his show on Friday speaking about Kimmel’s “creepy” past and furthering his comments made on Twitter, with some support by Jeanine Pirro after the monologue.

According to Deadline, Hannity used clips from Kimmel’s late night show and his time on The Man Show while putting up images calling the host “racist” and a “pervert”:

“I am going after Jimmy Kimmel tonight,” Hannity snarled. “We’re going to pound him with his own words.”

“And, I’m going to tell you something. This is not something I prefer to do on the show. I don’t take joy in this,” Hannity simpered, pivoting madly.

“But I have just had it with the utter hypocrisy, the unrelenting attacks against, not only a sitting president but his wife and his daughter and his 11-year-old son.”

“Let me be clear,” Hannity continued. “I’m not in the business of silencing Jimmy Kimmel. I don’t want Jimmy Kimmel boycotted.”

Hannity and Pirro both took offense to Kimmel’s jokes about the First Lady, claiming they are shocked by the “hatred coming from the left” and then making the claim that Kimmel was attacking a woman who couldn’t defend herself. Pirro then added this according to Deadline:

“Look at the person you are talking about! He will not go after Harvey Weinstein, who was a sexual predator who I have no doubt will be indicted for rape! But he’s happy to go after the First Lady of the United States! These people are not what America is about and American will reject them!”

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