Adele Was Hilariously Taken Aback When A Fan Tried Taking A Selfie With Her Using A Filter

More and more TikTok features are getting unleashed every day and users sure do love to use them. There are many trends on the app where people use certain filters to trick others — and their reactions often lead to a post getting lots of traction. A fan decided to do this to a bewildered Adele during her current Las Vegas residency, and her reaction was noteworthy.

The filter that the fan used adds a layer of tan to the people in the video. So Adele was immediately puzzled, saying, “Is there a filter on that? Oh my God! What have you done to my face?!” The fan laughed. “Wow, girl! Get that filter off my face,” Adele continued. “We don’t look like that, darling.”

Before her Vegas residency, Adele confessed to feeling very nervous about it. “I’m feeling all sorts as I write this,” Adele shared on Twitter. “I’m highly emotional, incredibly nervous but can’t sit still because I’m so excited. I feel a million miles away from home, I can’t stop thinking about when I was little and saw Tom Jones in Mars Attacks and thought blimey how did he get from Wales to Las Vegas!?” Luckily, it has been going great, and she even made headlines with an incredible vanishing act.