The Original Version Of Adele’s ‘I Drink Wine’ Was Fifteen Minutes Long

The pop girls said long songs are back! Well, in Adele’s case, it’s more of a theoretical thing. In a world that now contains a ten-minute version of Taylor Swift’s critically-acclaimed “All Too Well,” as part of the new Red (Taylor’s Version), Adele revealed in an interview this weekend that she almost joined in on the saga-length trend. As part of an earlier cover story with Rolling Stone, Adele revealed that the fan-favorite track off her new album, 30, was originally fifteen minutes long (!).

Her label talked some sense into the diva, though, pointing out that songs that long tend to struggle with audiences who have a shorter and shorter attention span. “[The label] was like, ‘Listen, everyone loves you, but no one’s playing a 15-minute song on radio,'” she noted in a new snippet shared from her cover interview with Rolling Stone. The song now clocks in around six minutes, and has already been memed due to the extremely relatable title, and as an answer to the sometimes unsolvable problems of heartache and relationship turmoil. Still, if there were ever an Easter egg to include on deluxe editions or at a later date, it’s the length original version of one of 30‘s best songs. Check it out above if you haven’t heard the song yet.