Adele Is Reportedly Preparing For A ‘Hugely Lucrative’ Las Vegas Residency

Adele’s 25, her most recent album, came out in 2015. That’s a long time ago in music terms, and there has been buzz over the past year-plus that new music from the singer is coming soon. There’s still no official news on that front, but it appears something may be in the works: the Daily Mail reports that she’s working on a Las Vegas residency.

A source told the publication, “Adele has very recently been talking to musicians that she has worked with before to gauge their availability, to see whether they could be in Vegas for the gigs. It is all very exciting. It would make her a lot of money but it would also mean she could have a routine. It would be hugely lucrative for her but also really fun. She loves performing live and there would be no shortage of people traveling to see her once the COVID restrictions are dropped.”

She is apparently in the process of recruiting band members to join her for the residency. Instead of making a home for herself in Vegas, the plan is apparently for Adele to commute from her Los Angeles home via private jet, a trip that would only take about 40 minutes.