Adele Fans Are Absolutely Losing It As A Rumor Indicates She’s Releasing Music This Week

As one of the world’s best-selling artists with fifteen Grammy Awards to her name, fans are constantly on the lookout for new music from Adele. Seeing as the celebrated singer’s last album arrived in 2015, it’s often that news about her personal life is in the headlines more than information about her next release. But that changed this week after a rumor started circulating on social media that Adele is about to drop new music this week — and of course her fans were over the moon.

Rumors of Adele’s new music were ignited by The Morning Hot Tub 89.9 Hot FM radio host Mauler. In a since-deleted tweet captured by Uproxx, Mauler wrote, “New Adele. This week.”


Mauler didn’t disclose her sources, but it was enough to get Adele fans excited about the possibility of hearing new music from the singer.

Some fans talked about the emotional toll they’d take from hearing a new Adele ballad.

Other Twitter users were waiting to see an official post about new music from the singer, which has yet to come.

Though Adele has neither confirmed or denied the new rumor, the singer has recently addressed the status of her next era. Just before the pandemic, her manager suggested the singer would drop some songs in 2020. The singer then teased that her next album could be expected in September of 2020. That clearly didn’t happen, but the pandemic could have delayed the singer’s release plans.