Adele’s Partner Rich Paul Dodged The Marriage Rumors (But Certainly Didn’t Deny Them) In A New Interview

Just a few weeks after Adele had fans wondering if she had married her longtime boyfriend, Rich Paul, the sports agent appeared for a new interview on CBS Mornings. During the episode, Paul was asked about the rumors — but he typically doesn’t speak about his private life.

“She’s been great, I think she would agree that we’ve definitely helped each other,” Paul did reveal to Gayle King. “I’m in a good space, we’re in a good space. Happy. She’s superb… She’s been great for me. We’ve been great for each other.”

King then asked whether or not she should call Adele “Mrs. Paul” next. However, he still kept his answer cryptic — as not to reveal whether the two secretly tied the knot. “You can say whatever you want,” he replied, noting that their relationship is “not for the media.”

The rumors started during a show of Adele’s Las Vegas residency, when a moment of a fan asking if they could marry her went viral.

“You can’t marry me, I’m straight my love,” Adele responded. “And my husband’s here tonight.” Her particular word choice was the thing that raised eyebrows. Paul and Adele have been together since 2021.

Check out Rich Paul‘s interview with CBS Mornings below. (The Adele conversation starts around six minutes.)