A. G. Cook And Charli XCX’s ‘Xcxoplex’ Remix Kicks Off A Remix Album, ‘Apple Vs 7G’

Charli XCX has long been a fan of collaborations with PC Music members, so it’s no surprise that her and label boss A.G. Cook have been working on a remix together. The “Xcxoplex” remix is a revision of the track “Xxoplex,” and obviously a play on Charli’s name, but might also be a roundabout shout out to the LA venue, the Echoplex? Either way, their track is part of a larger project called Apple Vs 7G, a remix album Cook is putting together of previous material from 2020 — not a bad way to recycle songs from a year without live shows.

The album features tons of other artists like Caroline Polachek, Boys Noize, No Rome and plenty more. Listen to “Xcxoplex” above and check out the full tracklist for the project below. It comes out May 28 via PC Music.

1. “Oh Yeah” (Caroline Polachek Remix)
2. “Xcxoplex” [Feat. Charli XCX]
3. “Beautiful Superstar” (EASYFUN Remix)
4. “Being Harsh” (Oklou Cover)
5. “H2O2” [ft. Denzel Himself]
6. “2021” (umru Remix)
7. “The Darkness” (Remix) [Feat. Sarah Bonito and Hannah Diamond]
8. “Lil Song” (Unplugged) (With jonny gorgeous)
9. “Stargon” (Boys Noize Remix)
10. “Lifeline” (Ö Remix)
11. “Alright” (Dream Mix)
12. “Airhead” (Doss Remix)
13. “Gold Leaf” (GRRL Remix)
14. “Today” (Dream Mix)
15. “The Darkness” (Eartheater Remix)
16. “Windows” (No Rome Remix)
17. “Drink Blood” (caro18. “Beautiful Superstar” (Baauer Remix)
19. “Airhead” (Ö & Canblaster Remix)
20. “Soft Landing” (Max Tundra Remix)
21. “Gold Leaf” (Supersaw Edit)

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.