Ali Gatie And Kehlani’s Flirty ‘The Look’ Video Is More Than Meets The Eye

Though the club often reveals many attendees’ primal nature in the pursuit of a night of passion, there are often those experiences where two people lock eyes and not a word needs to be said. Ali Gatie and Kehlani display this reality vividly in their video for “The Look.”

Gatie opens the track sitting down on a couch while a woman caresses his shoulders. She ultimately gets up and he soon follows before Kehlani enters the venue. As they reveal their contracted pupils, suddenly every person dancing in the club gains similar eye colors as well, conveying the often animalistic nature of clubgoers in the night.

Kehlani makes their way over to the bar, gets a drink in hand, and encourages whoever is interested in them to “shoot their shot” before the video closes with Gatie and Kehlani locking eyes. Though Kehlani’s pupils are still small, Gatie’s are fully dilated behind his black shades as he has spotted who he wants.

“The Look” arrives as part of Ali Gatie’s new album Who Hurt You? led by the singles “Can’t Give Up,” “Perfect,” and “Crying In The Rain.” Besides Kehlani, the only other feature is Max. This 17-track LP comes almost a year and a half after his 2021 project The Idea Of Her.

Check out “The Look” video above.

Who Hurt You? is out now via LISN. Listen to it here.

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