Ariana Grande And Adele Stans Are Not Happy With Vinyl Me, Please’s Julien Baker Release

Ariana Grande and Adele have some very dedicated fans who often show their undying love by flooding Twitter with fancams and and supportive posts. But on occasion, their fans can turn ruthless. That’s what happened Wednesday when Grande and Adele fans, anxious for information on new music from the artists, mistakingly thought an indie record of the month company was sharing exclusive music from the pop stars.

Both Grande and Adele have been steadily teasing new releases, so when record club Vinyl Me, Please cryptically announced they had a “big new album” on the way, Grande and Adele fans swarmed their page with giddy excitement.

Much to the disappointment of the stans, Vinyl Me, Please’s “big new album” turned out to be Julien Baker’s upcoming record Little Oblivions, which she announced Wednesday with the lead single “Faith Healer.” In retaliation, the stans took over the record club’s replies with cries of distress.

Those familiar with Vinyl Me, Please’s platform were confused why Grande and Adele fans thought an indie company would be responsible for releases from some of today’s biggest pop stars.

Vinyl Me, Please attempted to thwart the stans by giving them a primer on Baker, describing her “incredibly raw, self-confessional” sound.

See the tweets from Grande and Adele stans above.