Beyonce Fans Are Pretty Sure J. Lo Ripped Her Off Last Night At The AMAs

Though it’s difficult at this point to count or keep track of all the brilliant visual performances Beyonce has given us over the years, a few do stand out in recent memory. One of which is her performance of “Drunk In Love” at the 2014 Grammys. The set included dark lines of shadow and light as Beyonce writhed and crawled around on a table and chairs, in a black catsuit with her hair stringy and wet. Well, last night in her performance at the 2020 AMA’s, Jennifer Lopez adopted a lot of verrrrry similar visual cues for her rendition of Pa’ Ti” and “Lonely” with Maluma.

Sure, there’s no copyright on black catsuits or certain hairstyles, or even lighting cues or dance moves, but it was the presence of all four elements in a super recognizable format that had fans a little surprised that Lopez would not even consider how the performance might come off. And yes, Jennifer Lopez is a great performer in her own right, but the sheer force of cultural momentum that Black women are responsible for creating, and somehow never received proper credit and recognition for, is unparalleled. If she was going to draw on Bey as an inspiration, she should’ve credited her — and to say that performance wasn’t partly an inspiration for her AMA’s appearance just doesn’t seem to ring true. Check out more thoughts from fans below.