People Tried To Cancel Billie Eilish For The Strangest Reason Yet

Billie Eilish was catapulted to fame with her debut record When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?, and her No. 1 single “Bad Guy” knocked Lil Nas X out of his reign in first place on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. But with fame also comes scrutiny, and Eilish has been learning this the hard way lately. Earlier this week, Eilish was berated for not knowing the ’80s rock band Van Halen, and now Lady Gaga stans are sinking their teeth into a comment about Gaga’s infamous 2010 VMA’s meat dress.

The trending hashtag #BillieElishIsOverParty (with her last name misspelled and all) popped up on Twitter. The hashtag was filled with Gaga and Eilish fans going head-to-head about a small comment Eilish and her brother made about Gaga’s VMAs meat dress in an interview with Variety. In the interview, Eilish discussed how honored she is to be nominated for an impressive six Grammys.

As a child, Eilish and her family would watch the Grammy’s together. “I used to judge all the girls’ dresses I barely paid attention to the music,” Eilish said. “It’s very cool to be in the world of being nominated at all.” Her brother Finnas chimed in with, “Was the meat dress a Grammy’s event?” Eilish responded with a resounding, “Yikes.”

Gaga’s biggest fans immediately jumped to cancel Eilish, pointing out the dress was a statement about how the media treated the singer at the time.

But others were quick to say why canceling Billie Eilish over her response was wrong. Not only was the singer only 7 years old at the time of Gaga’s meat dress, but she’s also vegan.

Billie Eilish has yet to respond to the viral Twitter hashtag, but the event goes to show how often female musicians are pit against each other by fans and the media.