Billie Eilish Appreciates Her Brother’s Support On The Somber Single ‘Everything I Wanted’

Billie Eilish is the face of her own career (naturally and rightfully), but her brother Finneas has played a huge part in her success as well. In addition to co-writing and producing her songs, Eilish has leaned on him for support through difficult times. Eilish says as much on her new single “Everything I Wanted,” a somber new tune on which she sings about a dream she had, in which she killed herself and the public reaction to her passing was not positive. That dream shook Eilish, but ultimately, she’s thankful that she and her brother are there to pick each other up when they’re down.

Eilish told BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac of the song:

“Pretty much that whole song is about me and Finneas’ relationship as siblings. We started writing it because I literally had a dream that I killed myself and nobody cared and all of my best friends and people that I worked with basically came out in public and said, like, ‘Oh, we never liked her.’ In the dream, the fans didn’t care. The internet sh*t on me for killing myself, all this stuff, and it really did mess me up. I mean, the message behind the song is like […] my brother is my best friend, and I have these dreams and these things happen, and no matter what happens, he’s gonna always be there for me, and it’s the same the other way around.”

Meanwhile, Finneas said in a recent interview that when it comes to Eilish’s next album, she and he are “deep into the creative process on new material for sure.”

Listen to “Everything I Wanted” above.