Billie Eilish and Finneas Are Behind Disney’s ‘Turning Red’ Boy Band’s Single ‘Nobody Like U’

New Disney and Pixar film Turning Red features a boy band named 4*Town, and famous musician, producer, and Eilish sibling Finneas is a part of it. Finneas is not only a member, but he also produced their new single “Nobody Like U,” and co-wrote it alongside Eilish.

The movie soundtrack is out on March 11, and includes more singles by the siblings, such as “1 True Love” and “U Know What’s Up.” The pair are well-versed in the act of collaborating with each other; together they wrote “Happier Than Ever,” one of the biggest songs of 2021, on what Finneas dubbed “the cheapest guitar ever made,” and they apparently are already working on Eilish’s next album, as Finneas hinted in a podcast in December.

From poignant pop hits to Disney fake boy band anthems, the Eilish siblings can work their magic on anything. It’s also not Eilish’s first time appealing to a younger audience, because she actually appeared on Sesame Street and performed a duet with The Count for a beautiful variation of “Happier Than Ever,” whose more aggressive or provocative lines were replaced with wholesome sentiments: “When I’m counting with you, I’m happier than ever,” Eilish sang.

Listen to “Nobody Like U” above.