Billie Eilish Changed Her Hair Color Again — And Announced A New Video

For most people, changing hair color is an exciting update that a few friends will notice and pay compliments to… when you’re Billie Eilish, that update is a news story. Or at least, Eilish set the tone for dramatic shifts in her hair back when she flipped the script from dark brunette with green streaks, and went full-on bombshell blonde for a Vogue cover that surprisingly showed off her figure, something she’d sought to avoid up until that point in her career. After that cover broke an Instagram record, racking up one million likes, it became clear that fashion statements from Billie were going to be very impactful.

And so a shift back in the brunette direction felt equally shocking when Eilish posted the new look on Instagram this weekend, especially considering all the promo for her Happier Than Ever album cycle was tied to her dramatically blonde, pouty look. Now that Grammy nominations are in place, maybe it felt like the right time to change things up again, as Eilish captioned the first post with her darker hair: “Miss me?” Though the pics are very close up, it looks like her hair might be significantly shorter, too.

Billie capped off the weekend by announcing that her “Male Fantasy” video would drop tomorrow morning, also noting that it was directed and edited by her. Take a look at the clip below and be on the lookout for that full video tomorrow.