Billie Eilish Releases A ‘Bad Guy’ Remix Featuring Justin Bieber, Her Childhood Idol

For the past few days, there have been rumors that Billie Eilish was getting ready to release a remix of “Bad Guy” featuring Justin Bieber. This, of course, would be a dream collaboration for Eilish, who has been vocal about her longtime admiration of Bieber and his music. She spoke about it on Ellen recently, and when she met Bieber at Coachella a few months ago, it appeared to be an emotional moment for her. Sure enough, the rumors have been confirmed, as Eilish just dropped her Bieber-featuring remix of “Bad Guy.”

Eilish announced the song in a pretty hilarious way: She shared a photo of herself as a kid, surrounded by a number of Bieber posters hanging on the wall of her bedroom. She also offered a clearly excited caption, writing, “BAD GUY FEAT. JUSTIN BIEBER OUT NOWWW OMGFFFFGGG ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE MAN.”

This follows some teasing from both artists. A couple days ago, Eilish addressed rumors about a surprise album, writing in an Instagram story, “the new album sh*t is fake. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut i might have something for you.” She followed that with a series of hand-over-mouth emojis and the sign-off, “ok goodnight.” Meanwhile, Bieber also shared a succinct tweet recently: “Remix.”

Listen to Eilish’s “Bad Guy” remix featuring Justin Bieber above.