Billie Eilish Learns The Secret Of The World In A New ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo

This weekend is going to be a big one for Billie Eilish, as she is set to be both the host and be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live tomorrow. This is especially big for a couple reasons: It’s not every day that an SNL guest pulls double duty, and Eilish will be the first person born in the 2000s to host the show. Now, she has partaken in the time-honored tradition of teaming up with a cast member to film a promo for the episode.

The video starts with Eilish noting that her 20th birthday is coming up this month (on the 18th), which got McKinnon excited, as she noted that this means Eilish is about to learn “the big secret about the world that’s been passed down from generation to generation.” Eilish asked if she could just know it now, so McKinnon whispered it in her ear, which left her dejected enough to respond, “That’s horrible.” McKinnon replied, “I know! Happy birthday, Billie Eilish! Welcome to the world!”

Fans may have also noticed that this promo is one of Eilish’s first public appearances with her new black hair. She unveiled the look on Instagram earlier this month, and as posts about Eilish’s hair tend to do, it blew up and the pic currently has over 13 million likes.

Watch the SNL promo above.