Blackpink’s Lisa Shares An Ultra-Maximalist Video For Her New Solo Track ‘Lalisa’

Blackpink rapper/singer Lisa has released her debut solo album today, and to celebrate, the Thai-born K-pop performer has released an exhilarating new music video for the title track, “Lalisa.”

Over the course of three-and-a-half minutes, Lisa rap-sings through city streets before decamping for the desert, where she and a crew of backup dancers bust moves and ride dirt bikes. (Because, why not?) Finally, the ultra-maximalist clip gets Lisa back indoors, wearing a headdress and on a literal throne. In summary, this is pretty much everything you’d want a pop music video to be: costume changes galore, bonkers dance routines, super-slick sets, etc.

Speaking to Billboard about what she learned making a solo album, and what she can bring back to Blackpink, Lisa said, “The number one thing is the confidence I learned throughout the whole process of preparing my solo. When I’m with the other members, we rely on each other a lot. There’s a lot of things I learned during my solo prep that include things like leadership — I have to make all these decisions on my own. I hope I can carry this back into the group when we promote together.”

She also opened up about how dance “is kind of a universal language,” adding, “Take Latin music, for example — you may not understand what the artists are saying, but you feel that energy. Even with my music, people might not understand what the lyrics are, but listening to the beat and seeing the dance, they can feel the vibe and have that connection.”

Watch “Lalisa” above. Lalisa is out now via YG Entertainment/Interscope Records. Get it here.