Brandi Carlile Announces A New Album, ‘In These Silent Days,’ With A Video Directed By Courteney Cox

Grammy-winning performer Brandi Carlile has announced the follow-up to 2018’s By The Way, I Forgive You, a new album titled In These Silent Days, arriving in October via Low Country Sound/Elektra Records. In addition to the album news, Carlile released a new single and video for “Right On Time,” which just so happens to be directed by none other than onetime Friends star (and forever Bruce Springsteen dancer in the dark) Courteney Cox.

In a press release, Carlile had this to say about the new album, which was written during quarantine and “chronicle(s) acceptance, faith, loss and love and channel icons like David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Elton John and Joni Mitchell.”

“Never before have the twins and I written an album during a time of such uncertainty and quiet solitude. I never imagined that I’d feel so exposed and weird as an artist without the armor of a costume, the thrill of an applause and the platform of the sacred stage.

Despite all this, the songs flowed through — pure and unperformed, loud and proud, joyful and mournful. Written in my barn during a time of deep and personal reckoning. There’s plenty reflection…but mostly it’s a celebration. This album is what drama mixed with joy sounds like. It’s resistance and gratitude, righteous anger and radical forgiveness. It’s the sound of these silent days.”

Low Country Sound/Elektra Records

Watch the video for “Right On Time” above. In These Silent Days is out 10/1 via Low Country Sound/Elektra Records. Pre-order it here.