Britney Spears Is Feeling Herself, Despite Rumors That She Died Earlier This Week

Britney Spears isn’t here for rumors or false narratives. Earlier this week, she took to Instagram to express her sadness about rumors that she almost died due to substance abuse and mental health issues.

Yesterday (February 10), Spears addressed these rumors once again in a new video shared to Instagram. Although this time, she appeared to be in good spirits. In the video, she seen looking fabulous in a pink blouse and white mini skirt, with a matching boa.

“I didn’t die, people,” she said in the clip. “I didn’t die. I’m here. I’m alive. I’m very much alive and well. I’ve got my fur here. You see I’m feeling myself? Feeling myself!”

In the post’s caption, she revealed she doesn’t currently have a management team, nor does she plan to ever have one again. She also revealed she’s having fun showing off her fashions.

You can see the full post below.

This week in the news it said that I almost died and that I have a manager and “doctors” !!! I don’t have a management team nor will I ever again in my life !!! I don’t have “medical doctors” !!! I take Prozac for depression and that’s about it !!! I’m an extremely boring person !!! It frustrates me to know that any news outlet would say any of this !!! It’s worse than a cruel joke because people actually believe this stuff and all of my efforts in getting better with my little routine of prayer and therapy seems to not count for anything when people can say things that are incredibly wrong !!! Anyways change of the subject … enough drama … I’m into diamond gowns and funky fashion at the moment !!! Good Morning !!!!!