A Britney Spears Associate Thinks The Singer’s Conservatorship May Never End

Britney Spears’ conservatorship is a complicated thing that has been going on for over a decade. A lot has been said both for and against it, and now a Spears associate has expressed his belief that the conservatorship may never end.

Andrew Wallet, Spears’ former estate manager, spoke with The Daily Mail about the conservatorship and speculated that it’s possible it will go on for the rest of Spears’ life, saying, “I have had people in conservatorship who have got themselves right and it has been terminated, but you don’t see that because they’re not people in the public eye. Other people can be in a conservatorship their whole lives. I’m not saying that’s going to be Britney, but it could happen to her.”

He also insisted that Spears will not be performing in the near future: “She’s tired of it. She’s done, at least for now. She’s within her rights to decide that, you can’t make her work or do something she doesn’t want to do. The conservatorship isn’t in place to make her do things she doesn’t want to do. It’s in place to protect her. If she doesn’t want to work, she doesn’t have to work. No one can force her.”

Elsewhere, he expressed his belief that Spears conservatorship is justified and attested that the singer “to this day does not have the capacity to sign documents and make decisions for herself.” He also noted, though, that there are “people lurking in the shadows pushing an agenda,” saying:

“Britney is in a conservatorship for good reason, but a lot of the Free Britney people have no experience with the law. These legal proceedings are complex and people jump to conclusions. Their perception is so wrong, but you can’t go and tell them why because a lot of it is confidential. You have a lot of people who don’t have a clue, but meanwhile, we can’t talk about it. It’s frustrating, but it is what it is. If Britney wasn’t a celebrity, none of this stuff would get talked about.

The most important question is whether the conservatorship is in her best interests. That’s what you always have to ask yourself and I absolutely still believe that the conservatorship is in her best interests. This movement on social media has definitely complicated matters. There are people lurking in the shadows pushing an agenda. I can’t say who but it is hurting Britney, she’s the only one who gets hurt by all this. I have my own theories and things are going to come out during discovery and the trial [to determine who gets appointed].

There is a lot of criticism that is completely wrong. It is not in Britney’s best interests to be outside the conservatorship but there’s a lot of politics involved. Britney to this day does not have the capacity to sign documents and make decisions for herself. Protecting her assets is very important and for that the conservatorship has to stay in place because she is susceptible to undue influences.”

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