Netflix’s ‘Britney Vs Spears’ Trailer Calls Her Conservatorship ‘An Epic Fail Of The Legal System’

Britney Spears is still embroiled in a 13-year-long legal battle to end her conservatorship. The singer’s case has seen many wins in recent months, including her father voluntarily stepping down as her co-conservator and the court allowing her to chose her own lawyer. The singer is even pushing to have her conservatorship end by this fall. But there’s still much unknown about the specifics of her legal situation. Following the success off Hulu’s Framing Britney Spears documentary, Netflix is now offering their own exposé in the form of the upcoming film Britney Vs Spears.

The official trailer for Britney Vs Spears just dropped, showing how filmmakers relied on several people close to the singer to explain her legal situation. Along detailing how Spears has been “silenced to speak about anything that’s really going on” with her legal battles, the film also questions the legitimacy of the case for the singer to remain in the conservatorship. The trailer even goes so far as to say that the length of Spears’s conservatorship constitutes as “an epic fail of the legal system.”

Britney Vs Spears is set to be available to stream on Netflix starting September 28. It was directed by Erin Lee Carr, an award-winning documentarian whose other films like How to Fix A Drug Scandal can also be found on Netflix.

Watch Netflix’s Britney Vs Spears trailer above.