Bryce Vine Gets Into A Stripped-Down Groove For His Songkick Live Performance

After making a name for himself with a handful of EPs over the past few years, Bryce Vine’s come-up started to crystallize in 2018. That’s when he released “Drew Barrymore,” a platinum-certified single and his first one to find a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This past summer, he dropped his debut album, Carnival, and now he has delivered intimate renditions of some of its tracks (and songs from his other releases) as part of his new Songkick Live performance.

Vine’s six-song set featured “Classic And Perfect,” “Glamorama,” “Love Me Hate Me,” “Nowhere Man,” “La La Land,” and “Drew Barrymore.” It wasn’t quite an acoustic set, but his instrumentation had more of an organic sound than it typically does, as he was accompanied by a guitarist, drummer, and DJ. The stripped-down nature of the set gave it something like an alternative rock aesthetic, which is fitting, as he has said Third Eye Blind is his biggest influence. There was also a strong hip-hop groove to it, though, especially during “Classic And Perfect.”

In addition to performing, he also took time for a Q&A with Entertainment Tonight‘s Katie Krause and the audience. He spoke about making Carnival, saying that having an album out in the world fulfills a childhood dream: “I’ve been drawing little album cover sketches since I was 12 years old, with little ‘Parental Advisory’ signs and stuff like that. This is what I’ve always wanted it, so having it physically there — well, not physically, because everything’s online — it’s unreal. It’s a different feeling.”

Watch some of Vine’s performances above, find the rest of them (as well as the Q&A) here, and to see him live yourself, find his upcoming tour dates here.

Eric Treiber
Eric Treiber
Eric Treiber

Carnival is out now via Sire. Get it here.

Bryce Vine is a Warner Music artist. Songkick is a Warner Music Group property. .