BTS Are Smooth Like ‘Butter’ On Their New Summer-Ready Single

Last summer was a bit of a wash thanks to the pandemic, but as the world heals and restrictions are getting lifted, there’s hope that there will be more fun to be had during the warmer months this year. Now BTS has offered what is sure to be a musical highlight of the season, the upbeat single “Butter.”

The band spoke about the song with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, saying:

“It’s been a while since we actually released a summer song. I think not since ‘Fire,’ almost. We wanted to create a song that’s really upbeat, that’s a really summer song that, as you said, it makes people happy and go out and dance. That’s what we want to do. We wanted to have a summer song that can heal and console people. That’s why we chose this song and that’s why we decided to release this song. This is a really fun song, so when we finished recording it, we all listened to it together. Then we were saying to each other, ‘This is so great. This is such a fun song.’ Now, of course, we’ve heard it a lot, maybe too much. Actually, when we hear the song the most is when we’re doing our choreo practice. That’s when we actually hear the song.”

Naturally, as tends to happen for new BTS songs, “Butter” was an instant hit on YouTube: The premiere drew 3.89 concurrent viewers, which appears to be a record for the site, according to Forbes. As of this post, the video already has over 55 million views, a number that may be substantially larger by the time you read this.

Watch the “Butter” video above.