BTS And Coldplay Jam Out In Space For Their ‘My Universe’ Video

The rollout for Coldplay’s ninth studio album, Music Of The Spheres, has made it clear that this is a decidedly pop sound for the British band. With Max Martin on board helming production, the early singles like the sparkling “Higher Power” and the ten-and-a-half-minute closer “Coloratura,” but when they teamed up with one of the biggest K-Pop groups on the planet (the universe?), it became clear that they’re really in the pop game for real.

Debuting the massive collab, fittingly called “My Universe” last week, the two massive groups have now joined forces to create an accompanying video for the collaboration as well. According to a press release, the video is “set in the distant galaxy of The Spheres where music is forbidden, but BTS, Coldplay and an alien supergroup called Supernova 7 unite via hologram to defy the ban.” The hologram aspect probably made things a lot easier on everyone when it comes to filming during COVID-19, especially because BTS are often all the way across the planet in their native Korea. Anyone who loves Gorillaz-style virtual bands will be into the imagery here, all of which was helmed by director Dave Meyers. Check out the clip above and stay tuned for Music Of The Spheres dropping on October 15.